Holistic Values Statement

This Statement was composed in 2008 after consulting over 200 other Values Statements including the UN Declaration on Human Rights, The Earth Charter and the UK Inter Faith Code of Conduct. The values named here are high ideals and are always work in progress.

These values are presented In no particular order of priority.


I welcome diversity of belief, faith, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, intellect, ability and age – and value the unique contribution of every individual.

I recognise the sacred interdependence of all life and behave so as to protect the health and
sustainability of our natural environment now and for future generations.

I recognize spirituality to be a normal and healthy part of daily life, as people experience the wonder of nature and all creation;
and I celebrate the many paths that explore this wonder and its meaning.

At home, at work and in my community, I am committed to respectful, loving and positive relationships.

I maintain a life style and gain my income in ways that benefit and do no harm.

I actively engage to build community, alleviate injustice and relieve suffering; and deplore any situation that limits the rights, development and fulfilment of any being.

I am actively committed to managing my own health and development;
and I value life as an ongoing process of learning.

Enabling a holistic approach to contemporary spirituality.
Working together we can make spirituality a natural part of everyday life — for everyone.

Our Definitions

As best we can, we have developed these definitions to be appropriate for the contemporary context.

The natural human connection with the wonder and energy of nature, cosmos and all existence;
and the instinct to explore and understand its meaning.

Everything is connected. You can understand a whole only by looking at its parts. You can understand a part only by looking at its whole. Celebrate diversity and connection.


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September 2011
Our Spiritual Companions project is developing well. We are grateful for some recent and substantial granting.

August 2011
We are currently awaiting the results of the Census 2011 campaign to encourage as many of us as possible to put "Holistic" in the religion box on the UK Census that was held 27 March 2011. click here for more details of the campaign we ran.