Spiritual Companions

A New Network of Holistic Support and Pastoral Care

There is a growing need for spiritually competent people, whose approach is holistic rather than based solely in one faith tradition.

The Spiritual Companions project is working to meet that need.

The Spiritual Companions project now has its own website. To visit it please click here: www.spiritualcompanions.org

Spiritual Companions Guidelines

Over several years of research and consultation, we have developed a set of core principles and attitudes, which we believe sit at the heart of all good spiritual practice and spiritual support. We call these the Spiritual Companions Guidelines. They start with the personal spiritual practice of the Companion — for example:

  • Regular connection with the wonder and energy of existence
  • Regular self-reflection
  • Regular service to the community of life

They then identify key attributes of good spiritual companionship — for example:

  • Being grounded and welcoming
  • Transparent about our own shortcomings
  • Staying silent and fully listening

Read the Guidelines in full 

Training and Certification
The Spiritual Companions Trust licenses educators to teach the Guidelines and certificates the Companions.

There is also a Fast Track certification process for people who already meet the Guidelines.
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Benefits of Being a Spiritual Companion

  • We intend that the SC Badge become a nationally recognised and trusted certificate, enabling professional career development, particularly in the fields of healthcare, education, human resources, leadership, community building and spiritual/pastoral care.
  • The SC Badge aims to meet the growing professional need for spiritually competent people, whose approach is holistic rather than based solely in one faith tradition.
  • Enables you to support others on their spiritual journey in both formal and informal settings.
  • Belonging to a network of supportive and insightful peers.
  • Ongoing development.
  • Enabling and teaching the SC Guidelines yourself.
  • Support in understanding, developing and deepening your own spiritual practice.
  • Spiritual Companions may also become central figures in the local networks of the Holistic Map UK and the Holistic Spiritual Alliance, providing safe support to others on the spiritual path.





Do you have a question about your spiritual  path?  Contact us and a Spiritual Companion will reply to you.

Photo of Spiritual Companions Training Group, London 2006-2008