Holistic Spiritual Alliance

Representation and Citizenship

F4HS continues to pioneer ways to engage with civic and public bodies. One way has been via the Holistic Spiritual Alliance (HSA) which provides a democratic and transparent structure so that people who take a holistic approach to spirituality can achieve representation on public decision-making and consultative bodies.

These public bodies include Interfaith, SACREs (local education committees that guide the curriculum in Religious Studies), school and hospital boards, and various local and national community building bodies. At the moment representatives of the traditional religions sit on these bodies. It is fair and appropriate that they be joined by people of a holistic approach.

Members of HSA — whatever their background or spirituality — are aligned with the Holistic Values Statement and bring to discussions:

  • A contemporary approach that is holistic, inclusive and celebrates diversity.
  • The voice of the many different spiritual approaches currently unrepresented.
  • Sustainable and humane values concerned with the long-term well being of individuals and communities.
  • A clear understanding of the connections between healthcare, citizenship and spirituality.

Service, Engagement, Citizenship
As well as engaging in representative citizenship, HSA encourages people with a holistic spiritual approach to engage more generally in service and community activities.

Following feedback from pilot projects in Wales and the South West over the last two years, the whole area of representation and lobbying is currently under review. The plan to create 12 regional alliances around the UK is on hold as more organic ways to engage and dialogue are explored. We will make more announcements as details emerge.

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Enabling a holistic approach to contemporary spirituality.
Working together we can make spirituality a natural part of everyday life — for everyone.

Our Definitions

As best we can, we have developed these definitions to be appropriate for the contemporary context.

The natural human connection with the wonder and energy of nature, cosmos and all existence;
and the instinct to explore and understand its meaning.

Everything is connected. You can understand a whole only by looking at its parts. You can understand a part only by looking at its whole. Celebrate diversity and connection.


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September 2011
Our Spiritual Companions project is developing well. We are grateful for some recent and substantial granting.

August 2011
We are currently awaiting the results of the Census 2011 campaign to encourage as many of us as possible to put "Holistic" in the religion box on the UK Census that was held 27 March 2011. click here for more details of the campaign we ran.

July 2011
HolisticMap UK is growing steadily, you can see listings and register by clicking here