Goals and Purpose

Our Goals

    * June 2010 - We will have mapped and listed many of the spiritual activities in the UK
    * March 2011 - Achieve a substantial showing on the UK Census so that a holistic approach to spirituality is part of the mainstream map
    * 2018 - The concepts and strategies of a holistic approach to spirituality are fully embedded in the mainstream language of education, healthcare, social services, community building and human resources.


Our purpose is to network, educate, inspire and give a voice to the new spirituality.


In the United Kingdom — and across the world — a new approach to spirituality is emerging. It is the child of a new planetary culture — inclusive, global and celebrating diversity.

At the moment, our movement has no voice. It has good and useful things to say, for example, about education, healthcare, citizenship and spirituality. It deserves representation and a voice at those decision making and consultative bodies where traditional religions and faith communities already have their seats.

To be heard and achieve this representation we have no choice but to organise and network.


This website can map and list all spiritual activities in the UK.
This will provide the numbers and coherence to achieve representation.

We have also developed statements,  educational resources and ways of organising. These clarify some of our shared values. None  are engraved in stone. They will always be open to reflection and change.


Our purpose is also to link people together, to let people know what is happening in their locality, to build community, to support each other. People often awaken to their spirituality but then lack the local human connections to support their exploration and development.

Please explore this website. We hope you will want to become involved. We welcome hearing from you.

Enabling a holistic approach to contemporary spirituality.
Working together we can make spirituality a natural part of everyday life — for everyone.

Our Definitions

As best we can, we have developed these definitions to be appropriate for the contemporary context.

The natural human connection with the wonder and energy of nature, cosmos and all existence;
and the instinct to explore and understand its meaning.

Everything is connected. You can understand a whole only by looking at its parts. You can understand a part only by looking at its whole. Celebrate diversity and connection.


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