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August 2014
The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality C.I.C. has applied for voluntary dissolution as it is no longer trading. Social and technological advances have overtaken this project with resources and data readily available via other websites and modalities. One of its major projects the Spiritual Companions Trust continues successfully. This website will remain for a period of time as a historical record of what has been achieved.

April 2014

The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality is not undertaking any projects.

The following text on this web page is a summary of our work in the field of Holistic Spirituality, the Holistic Map and the Holistic Census campaign.


The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality is a not-for-profit organisation started in 2006 by founding directors William Bloom and Margaret Law-Homewood. Nigel Anthony joined the Board in 2009 when the company become a community interest company, and Heather K Veitch joined in 2011. The overarching purpose of the Foundation is "education in the field of spirituality, religious studies, healthcare and citizenship." It has been dedicated to promoting a holistic approach to contemporary spirituality with no attachment to any particular belief system, asserting that there is an important interdependence between spirituality and healthcare, education, and personal and community development.


What we have done

Our main projects since 2007 have been Holistic Map, the Holistic Census campaign in 2011 and enabling the Spiritual Companions programme in 2013. We have also developed educational resources and undertaken research into holistic values, and pioneered models for representation and interfaith engagement. Both Holistic map and the Holistic Census campaign were idealistic goals which we took on with much enthusiasm and ardour, and we had fantastic support from many organisations and individuals across the country. What became clear was that it was too early or too ambitious to support a new movement into being with a coherent voice.


Learnings and outcomes from our holistic projects and campaigns

- We helped build a stronger sense of community across holistic and spiritual communities by raising key issues and starting a debate on whether there was a need for recognition or representation.

- We contacted hundreds of people and organisations as part of the campaign and made many new friends and contacts and discovered networks and organisations that we did not know existed, the networking alone proved invaluable.

- There was a positive response to the label "Holistic" or "Holistic Spiritual" from many sectors including holistic and alternative therapists, healthcare, open centres and spiritual groups etc  and surprisingly the "holistic" label was understood and welcomed in inter faith and inter spiritual settings and also in equalities and diversity settings.

- What was unexpected and mildly shocking was the level of animosity the campaign also created within our own spiritual communities with some spiritual organisations even campaigning against the "holistic" campaign; some people projecting onto us that we were trying to create a new religion or another hierarchical power base.

- The campaign also revealed deep prejudice or ignorance of the holistic communities especially within traditional faiths and non-faith groupings, which again shockingly identifies "holistic spirituality" as a "minority" grouping in society "marginalised" by its religion or belief. Ignorance was witnessed in the fact our holistic label was not accepted for categorising and we underestimated the effort, diplomacy and politics needed to reach the bureaucrats.

- We also discovered flaws in our own thinking, strategies and communication process which led to much useful learning and development.


Spiritual Companions project
The most successful project to date has been Spiritual Companions which is now an independent charity. For more information please visit its website spiritualcompanions.org

Nigel Anthony
Nigel continues to work very actively in the holistic, spiritual and consciousness field with several organisations including F4HS, Wrekin Trust, One Spirit Alliance and Interfaith Vision, as a director, project manager, community development worker, accountant and fundraiser. His passion remains mapping and networking and he is currently supporting young developers of Noomap a new-paradigm open source communication technology and social-network, designed to empower co-creation, sharing, gifting, and connection for intentional and conscious communities.

William Bloom 
William continues his work in the same field and is the Director of the Spiritual Companions Trust.

Margaret Law-Homewood 
Margaret continues to offer holistic spiritual development and counselling courses through the Evolving Heart organisation. She is a trustee at the Spiritual Crisis Network and is founding director of Inka Spirit UK, offering Inka Andean and Shamanic training. 

Heather K Veitch 
Heather continues as a trustee of the Spiritual Companions Trust.


Thank you for all your support over the last 8 years.

Big Love 

Heather, Margaret, Nigel and William
Directors of the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality C.I.C.



The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality is a UK not-for-profit community interest company. It was started in 2007 by Nigel Anthony and William Bloom. 

In its Articles and Memorandum of Agreement the purpose of the Foundation is stated to be "education in the field of spirituality, religious studies, healthcare and citizenship."

It is dedicated to a holistic approach to contemporary spirituality and is not attached to any particular belief system. It does, however, assert that there is an important interdependence between spirituality and healthcare, education, and personal and community development.

It also asserts that a deep change is taking place in how our society relates to spirituality and religion. There is a  mass movement of people whose approach to spirituality is open-hearted, open-minded, inclusive and celebrates diversity. But this approach is not represented on public decision-making and consultative bodies where the traditional faiths are represented. We seek to enable community building and the representation of this emerging culture.


From Wales, Nigel Anthony's original career was in accountancy and project management for international consultancies. For several years he owned and managed a holistic cafe in Swansea that was also a networking, interfaith and educational centre.

William Bloom is a writer, educator and activist focusing on contemporary spirituality and holistic health. Visit his website

Nigel on left. William on right.

Our Directors are: Nigel Anthony, William Bloom, Margaret Law-Homewood, Heather K Veitch. Company Secretary: Sheila Martin

Advisers and Partners These include:
Eileen Barker OBE, Emeritus Professor of the Sociology of Religions at the LSE.
Joycelin Dawes, author and religious adviser.
Palden Jenkins, author.
Mike King, Reader, London Metropolitan University
David Lorimer, author and Co-Director of the Scientific and Medical Network.
Patrick Nash, CEO the Teachers Support Network.
David Peters, Professor of Integrative Healthcare at Westminster University and Chair of the British Holistic Medical Association.

Our Goals

Enabling a holistic approach to contemporary spirituality.
Working together we can make spirituality a natural part of everyday life — for everyone.

Our Definitions

As best we can, we have developed these definitions to be appropriate for the contemporary context.

The natural human connection with the wonder and energy of nature, cosmos and all existence;
and the instinct to explore and understand its meaning.

Everything is connected. You can understand a whole only by looking at its parts. You can understand a part only by looking at its whole. Celebrate diversity and connection.


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September 2011
Our Spiritual Companions project is developing well. We are grateful for some recent and substantial granting.

August 2011
We are currently awaiting the results of the Census 2011 campaign to encourage as many of us as possible to put "Holistic" in the religion box on the UK Census that was held 27 March 2011. click here for more details of the campaign we ran.

July 2011
HolisticMap UK is growing steadily, you can see listings and register by clicking here