What You Can Do

We are encouraging and supporting many forms of engagement. We need your support in developing this. Here are some preliminary ideas.

Our immediate purpose is to map and list all spiritual and holistic activities in the UK — and to network and build community. So you can:

  • Register and put yourself on HolisticMap.
  • Let people know about HolisticMap and encourage them to register.

You can also come into partnership with us and become a Local Organizer in your area, encouraging people to register. Also, if you want, you can help organize local networking or educational events. In this role you will be part of an enjoyable and growing network across the UK.
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If you explore this website and its partner site www.holisticmap.org — and decide that you want to support our work, we specifically need the following unpaid help:

  • Technical and administrative help with the websites
  • Champions for holistic spirituality prepared to engage with Inter Faith bodies
  • Educators experienced in developing lesson plans and curricula
  • Friendly and experienced hand-holding communicators who are also web literate
  • Fundraiser
  • Marketing/PR/Media representative

If you feel that you can help with any aspect of this project, please contact us. We would love to talk with you.

And, of course, we need money to support all this.  Donate

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